They say it is easier to describe what you are not, than what you are.. so here it goes. We are not your backpacker type, just regular people. We do not sleep in tents and eat wild berries and travel, nor do we stay only at luxurious resorts and 5-Star hotels. We do not wander around like nomads nor do we meticulously plan every minute of our  travel. We are everyday people with everyday jobs and bills to pay. In short, we feel that life is too short to restrict ourselves to one place.  We spend quality time on ourselves and one of the ways we do so is by travel. We have started this blog to document our travel exploits, and to provide information to prospective travellers about the places that we travel. If you read our post about a place you have never heard of and decide to visit that place, then we consider it ‘Mission Accomplished’. Do follow our blog and write to us, you can suggest places to visit and we will try to visit those places and blog about them, as well.


Happy travelling and reading !!!

–  Tanushree & Yaswanth